stainless steel boiler and distillation

Second, increase the stainless steel boiler and distillation water treatment, boiler safety protection measures

1. increase supervision of boiler water treatment

The chemical three-waste mixed combustion waste heat stainless steel boiler and distillation has the following features:

1. The reasonable heat speed design of each heating surface of the waste heat boiler will help prevent dust accumulation;

2. The waste heat boiler adopts a straight-through arrangement, which can use self-removal of ash by dust self-respect, can keep the heated surface clean and improve the heat transfer efficiency of the boiler;

3. The waste heat boiler should organize the flue gas power field reasonably to make the flue gas flow smoothly and evenly to avoid biased flow. At the same time, a special anti-wear structure is used to help prevent boiler wear and increase the life of the boiler.

Six days this month, Changsha, Hunan Furong District Arts Road street to carry out special safety inspection of stainless steel boiler and distillations.

Inspectors focus on examination of the health and safety management of boiler equipment, whether or not the gas boiler passed the test, whether to establish safety management systems and procedures, whether set the security authorities, whether with full-time security officer, determines whether the operator a valid work permit for employment, boiler operating records, inspection records and shift records are complete and so a detailed investigation, while eliminating the risk management and operational aspects of the boiler in existence.

In this inspection, the implementation of the following three major check the contents.

First, we must implement the main responsibility for security, strictly abide by relevant laws and regulations and safety specifications, and resolutely put an end to illegal operation, strengthen the management and monitoring of equipment, hazard, earnestly implement the responsibility to the people, and ensure safe and reliable operation of special equipment.

The second is to strengthen the advocacy training for boiler operators to improve their ability to deal with emergency breakdown or accidents, improve safety awareness boiler operator, firmly establish the concept of safety first, to ensure the safe operation of the boiler.

Third, low nitrogen and urge reconstruction work carried out boilers to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions, reduce concentration of nitrogen oxides, air pollution prevention.

Over-temperature hot water stainless steel boiler and distillation can cause serious superheater, reheater pipe burst, there is a great threat to the security device. Steam temperature is too low, lowering the enthalpy of steam, steam consumption increases, economic decline. Many factors make steam temperature change operation occurs, such as a boiler load, the excess air ratio, water temperature, contamination of the heating surface, the combustion operating mode of the apparatus, the type and composition of fuel and the amount of saturated steam, etc., for the hot water boiler the operation should take various measures to adjust the steam temperature.