steam boiler with baseboard zone

In order to further remove organic gas boiler water, further adding activated carbon filter.

2, the softening

First, a user should choose a suitable antifreeze as the case of the gas hot water boiler plumbing system. Many gas hot water boilers and plumbing systems used aluminum alloy material may be selected silicate antifreeze; however, the system for cast iron, it is necessary to add corrosion inhibitors, PH value is adjusted to between 8-9.

February 21, spring day, the CPPCC Standing Committee, vice chairman of China Zhi Gong Dang, Deputy Secretary-General, Mr. Jiang Zuojun director of the Central Monitoring Committee accompanied by relevant leaders of Anyang, fast Boiler visit the company headquarters and to carry out research. Jiang Zuojun first visited the company's R & D Center Exhibition Hall, a detailed briefing accompanied by Mr. Luhai Gang's Group President. Mr. Jiang Zuojun listened carefully to the President on various aspects of History and products, production technology, market applications and so on.

116 MW corner tube hot water boiler exported to Pakistan is applied to central heating. Corner tube hot water boiler has a flexible fuel adaptability, not only the coals but also the biomass energy can be its fuels and it can reach the goal of energy saving and environment protection, which suits for the brief of sustainable development and green economy. 116 MW corner tube hot water boiler designs and manufactures on the basis of absorbing advanced technology home and abroad and it is very popular in Pakistan.