what is a combination boiler

Heating what is a combination boiler superheater heating stove maintenance process for a predetermined maintenance process for a predetermined superheater: compressed air on the other in the flow direction of flue gas external superheater fouling, for not blow clean hard scratch-off of fouling. When the sootblowing start the induced draft fan, open the appropriate opening degree of the damper flap. In each overhaul of superheater tubes should abrasion etc. inspection and expanding the crude, the crude by measuring the degree of expansion card superheater, exceeds the standard should be replaced with new pipes, a degree of wear of the caliper measurement superheater, exceeds the standard by replace with new tube, to check visually the superheater tubes, light or the like the degree of curvature drawn wire, bent beyond the standard should be corrected or new ones, after the inspection and make a record.

What is a quick gas what is a combination boiler?

The quick-loading gas boiler is relative to the assembled boiler and the bulk boiler. The quick-loading boiler means that the manufacturer basically completes the above installation work in his own unit, and after passing the inspection and acceptance, it is transported to the installation site and hoisted to the boiler foundation. After inspection and acceptance, the pipeline and other rotating machinery (blower, induced draft fan) and dust removal and environmental protection facilities are installed, and the test operation can be carried out. The general production unit has the boiler body in stock, so the installation period is short. Products such as WNS fast-installed gas boilers have higher efficiency and heat utilization rate, and have a small footprint, long service life, and low operating cost. Generally, they are preferred for quick-loading furnaces when they are small furnaces or urgently needed.

In recent years, Ningbo municipal government attaches great importance to environmental protection, air pollution prevention and control work to strengthen the organization and leadership, the establishment of a multi-sectoral collaboration to air quality at the core of the atmospheric environment management systems. And introduced a new quality of atmospheric environment deadline for compliance plan, as follows.

Strict implementation of total coal consumption control, to further optimize energy consumption structure, strive to 2020, coal consumption accounts for the proportion of primary energy consumption control in about 40% of coal consumption is not higher than 2011 levels, and completely cut coal province issued the task .

Strengthen management work focused on coal-fired projects, continue to promote the elimination of the transformation of small coal-fired boilers. 2019, phasing out 10 steam tons / hour of coal-fired boilers and, in 2020, the county level and above urban area basically eliminated tea furnace, operating a stove, grain storage and drying equipment, coal-fired facilities; basically eliminated the city's 10 -35 steam t / h coal-fired boiler; 35 t steam / hour and more polluting fuels and ultra-low emissions energy boilers complete transformation.

Strengthening coal quality control, within the city limits the use of ash> 16%, sulfur> 1% low-quality coal, fuel encourage high value, low sulfur, low ash blending works. 2019, the establishment of the city's coal regular testing, sampling tests system. In 2020, the city's clean coal utilization rate of 90%.

Increase natural gas use, and actively promote major infrastructure construction official website of natural gas, LNG receiving station and other utilization of natural gas, natural gas Daly improve utilization levels.

Enhance the energy efficiency of industrial enterprises. Actively promote advanced energy conservation projects integrated coal demonstration projects, large-scale generating units coal consumption reached the advanced level of the same type of unit.

Development of central heating, central heating project to optimize the layout, promote industrial parks focused on central heating. Focus on industry gathering area, industrial park development of cogeneration, and encourage qualified development of thermoelectric cooling area for the triple. Further improve the matching of heating pipe network, construction of efficient, fast heat pipe network. 300,000 kilowatts and above cogeneration power plant 15 kilometers behind the small coal-fired boilers and coal-fired thermoelectric heating within a radius of all closed down integration.

Boiler thermal efficiency of gas analysis and precautions 1, gas thermal efficiency thermal efficiency of what is a combination boilers, there are two test methods: a positive balance and counter-balance testing methods testing methods. Positive balance efficiency of the boiler can only be a reflection of the overall operating efficiency of the boiler, whether to meet the design efficiency of the boiler, the boiler produces specific heat loss in any place and can not be a positive balance efficiency test results reflected. Counter-balance calculation boiler efficiency can be more clearly reflect the influence of reason operating efficiency boiler efficiency by counter balance test results, analysis of data, to propose solutions and suggestions to improve the thermal efficiency of the boiler. In this paper, counter balance method of testing efficiency of the thermal efficiency of the gas boiler tested according TSGG0003-2010 "industrial boilers energy efficiency testing and evaluation rules" simple case the thermal efficiency of operating the boiler test results according to equation (1) is calculated: ηj = 100- (q2 + q3 + q4 + q5 + q6) (1) where: ηj- thermal efficiency of the heat losses q3- q2- incomplete combustion gas heat losses q4- incomplete combustion of solid fuels physical heat loss q6- heat loss heat loss q5- gas boiler fuel gas, the absence of a solid fuel incomplete combustion heat loss, so q4 is 0. Ash content after combustion of the fuel is very small, negligible Q6, thus reducing heat loss factor of gas from the boiler heat losses on q2, incomplete combustion gas heat losses Q3, heat loss q5 determined. As used herein, ecomJ2KN type flue gas analyzer smoke components, test data import industrial boilers energy efficiency calculation and comparison test management platform. From the above, it is affecting the thermal efficiency of the boiler heat losses mainly q2, followed by heat loss q5. Q3 incomplete combustion heat loss difference between the minimum boiler; heat loss q2 maximum difference, part of the boiler heat losses as high as 20.61% # 10 boiler; αpy excess air ratio difference is large, up to 4.03; exhaust gas temperature tpy Similarly large difference, up to 206.00 ℃. 2 Notes: 1) strictly control the scale layer; 2) control the air-fuel ratio; 3) the timing of the boiler clean-up; 4) increase the use of energy-saving equipment. In summary, the main gas boiler thermal efficiency and q2, q3 and q5 related, in the course of the boiler should always pay attention to issues related to the above parameters, so that the boiler in order to achieve efficient operation, to achieve energy saving purposes.