chemistry of low pressure boiler power plant

4 tph DZL biomass-fired fire tube chemistry of low pressure boiler power plant project for food industryIndustrial steam boiler is often integral to the cooking, drying, and sterilizing process in food industry. Founded in 1996, Happy Alliance (M) Sdn Bhd has been one of the leading Nata De Coco manufacturers in Malaysia now. Brand Captain Dolphin established by the company is notable for its wide range of premium Nata De Coco products ranging from drinks to jellies and puddings. Nata de coco is a chewy jelly-like food product produced by the fermentation of coconut water, so a large number of coconut shells will be produced during production. In order to save the fuel cost, Happy Alliance (M) SdnBhd prefers to use coconut shells as fuels. After realizing its demand, ZOZEN’s engineers provide the company with one set of 4 tph tailor-made biomass-fired fire tube boilers according to the fuel characteristics of coconut shell. This series biomass-fired boiler not only improves combustion efficiency, but also solves the problems of scaling, abrasion, burning front arch and feeding hopper.

After the chemistry of low pressure boiler power plant stop working, turn off the boiler inlet and outlet valves, open the drain valve to discharge water. Fill nitrogen with a purity of 99% or more to the tubes. When filling nitrogen, close all the external interfaces of boiler water side, and should be tight without leakage, nitrogen pressure gauge should be kept at more than 0.05MPa. During the nitrogen protection, should always observe boiler water system nitrogen pressure, when it drops, you should find and eliminate the leaks and add nitrogen to keep the required pressure. During the nitrogen protection if could fill nitrogen timely, and keep the required pressure, This method is applicable to long-term shutdown (over three months), or prevent boiler from freezing and icing in cold climates. When restart the boiler, the nitrogen could exhaust to the air directly.

Shandong Mining Group in the six months after the chemistry of low pressure boiler power plant use, users submit a report to our company, our company started in 2017 using WDR0.5-0.8-Ⅱ electric fast Boiler Co., Ltd. of heating steam boiler. Large output, stable and reliable, high degree of automation, simple operation, do especially in terms of security is in place. After-sales service is very timely response to our technical consulting reply quickly and accurately. Whether it is party party products or fast fast service. My company is very satisfied. --customer feedback

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