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The construction of gas boiler rooms generally follows three principles: site, space, and protection.

To put it simply, the location of the boiler room should not interfere with production and life, and it should be suitable for the distance from the main building. On the one hand, the best safety distance is to minimize noise interference.

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A method of cleaning a boiler, a chemical cleaning process: descaling water rinsing → pickling → water rinsing → passivation; 2, independent of the other system is disconnected the boiler, the cleaning tank, the washing pump is coupled into the boiler with a closed cleaning 4, the end of the rinse water; loop; 3, in a simulated cleaning state washing system leak check, while the boiler remove loose dirt, at the outlet of the flushing water when no visual presence of large foreign particles, the end of the flushing water in circulation cleaning tank Add "Yunqing boiler cleaning powder", the main controlling the cleaning in 3-6% concentration, temperature in the range of 50-60 deg.] C, decontamination wash cycle within the system, cleaning time 2- about 3 hours. PH measured by pH paper Timing acid value of (1/20 minutes), it was maintained at 1 or less, when the pH value is stabilized within half an hour, and purge the system without gas evolution, the pickling process ends; 5, after passing rinse water, circulating add "Yunqing passivation pre-film" passivation to improve the corrosion resistance of boilers. After concentration of the whole system is stopped mixed solution was warmed to about 60 degrees cycle, soak for 2-3 hours, the passivating liquid discharge system, the cleaning process is ended. Note: 1, this product can not be eaten; 2, process handling, operation, wear protective clothing. Packing: plastic bags: 1 kg / bag 25 kg / bag.

It is reported that in March 15, Chifeng City, a special inspection of the pressure to carry out an internal inspection of industrial gas and commercial 0 5 ton water steam boiler dealer upgrade skills than the ability to test cum activity. Chifeng City, the special prosecutor, deputy director Jiao Wenxiang, deputy chief engineer Wang Shusen, deputy chief engineer Zhang Yulin and a pressure test of all personnel to participate. The ratio of the activity is divided into document review, site inspection, inquiry exchange three links, the city of Chifeng hotel comparison site inspection in WNS4-1.25-Q type of boiler.

In the field, compared to persons in accordance with the "boiler periodic inspection rules," "Boiler Safety Technology Supervision" and other relevant standards, test preparation equipment industrial gas steam boiler inspection, the document review, site inspection programs, projects, methods, inspection found defect assessment and treatment, inspection records and test the views of notice to fill in field operations and other aspects of comparison. Then the referee group of inspectors to participate in the comprehensive assessment ratio, the final nine inspectors compared the results were satisfactory. The ratio of inspectors to participate have said, by building a mutual learning platform for the exchange ratio of activities to enhance their own inspection techniques, in order to better carry out the annual inspection lay a solid foundation.

After comparison, the assessment team for each ratio of staff present in the actual operation problems raised rectification, so that each person than to recognize their lack of inspection in the presence of, as well as their ability to enhance the tailored inspection Program. In the future, I will continue to strengthen and enhance the inspection capabilities, adhere to the bottom line of thinking and problem-oriented, to provide a solid technical support for the safety of special equipment to hold the bottom line.